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Attendance Office

Meet your counselor

Ms. Alcaraz

Mr. Benitez 

Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselor

Attendance Office

  Pablo Benitez Rodriguez Staff

As your Pupil Services & Attendance Counselor, I am available to help improve individual & school-wide student attendance by assisting students experiencing difficulties due to social/emotional, home and community barriers. Please contact me for attendance related questions or concerns.

Our Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA credential) expertise allows us to assess the basic needs and safety of students. We work alongside parents to make recommendations that can improve their child's school experience. 

PSA Counselors use a Response to Intervention model to address all students.

PSA Counselors provide evaluation, assessments and recommendations to the school community and it's families.

Meet our attendance support team

Ms. Melissa Juarez

Pupil Services and Attendance Aide 

  Melissa Juarez Staff

The role of the Pupil Services and Attendance Aides is to provide support to students who are at risk of being chronically absent. 

Through the guidance of the Attendance Counselor, our PSA Aides will routinely identify students who basic support. They are there to help students find solutions and connect them to campus support.

You will also see the aides delivering positive reinforcement rewards to students and classrooms who maintain and improve their attendance. 

As a team, we want to ensure that all students can attend school safely and healthily. 

Attendance Office Support

Ms. Langarica 

Office Tech

Our office tech manages the Attendance Office clerical duties such as enrollments, check outs, early release from school, attendance submittal, absence notes, and answers calls from parents. 

We are there to support parents with their attendance needs. 

Attendance Expectations

Regular school attendance is important if a child is to attain his or her full potential.  We at Huntington Park High School and STEAM Magnet urge you to make an extra effort to ensure that your child establishes a regular attendance pattern and that he/she arrives to school on time.  Students need to be in class at 8:30am every day. 

It is our belief that the partnership between families and the school can help students successfully pursue their educational development.  We thank you for your support.

Our goal is for students to not miss more than 7 days during the school year! That means, 1 absence or less every 25 days! Students are regularly rewarded for maintaining good attendance as well as improved attendance. 

Refrain from making travel plans during the school year. Unless your child has a medical reason for missing school, their teachers are not obligated to make adjustments to their assignments/tests. Please plan accordingly. Call the school should you have questions. 

The bell schedule and school-year calendar is linked below.


We want for students to attend daily and regularly so that they benefit from classroom instruction as much as possible. However, health and safety is everyone's priority. If your child is sick or has been exposed to someone who has or possibly has COVID-19, please do not send your child to school. Report the absence following the instructions below.  


We advise your child not attend school until they've taken a COVID PCR test and wait for results. As of 8/20/21, the LAUSD is consulting with the legal department regarding student absences related to quarantine. 

Call the school and ask to speak to the Attendance Counselor if your child will be missing for more than 5 days due to quarantine. 

Reporting an absence

Please send your child with an absence note the the day they return to school. A NOTE DOES NOT ERASE ABSENCES, but it justifies the reason and will not mark them as a truant (ditching). 

Medical notes must be signed by a doctor's office. 


Parent notes must include: 

  • Student Name and birthdate
  • Date(s) of absence 
  • Reason for absence
  • Parent name and signature 

Notes must be turned into the Attendance Office.

Notes are filed and kept confidential unless they must be shown to the School Nurse.

Call the school: 

Parent/Guardian can call the school to report a student's absence. Call 323-826-2463 and leave a message with the information listed above. Parent/Guardian phone number is recorded. 

Leave School Early Process

If you need to pick up your child early from school, please be prepared to pass the health screening at the entrance. Please make sure you have identification and that you or the person picking up your child is on the emergency card.


Our Office Tech will verify your identification, ask you to sign a Release Slip and summons your child out of class. 

Students and families experiencing Homelessness

Our PSA Counselor is the school's Homeless Education Liaison. She works alongside other counselors to ensure students experiencing homelessness are supported and graduate. 

If you think you and your family may be experiencing homelessness, please call the school to reach the PSA Counselor. There is a Student Housing Questionnaire that parent/guardians can fill out for the counselor to assess eligibility.