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Attendance Office

Tardy Procedures

Students who are late to school must obtain a pass to class from the front desk.  Students should bring a note from a parent/legal guardian to clear the tardy. The third unexcused tardy, 30 minutes or more, is considered truancy and will be handled according to state truancy laws.

Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action.


Regular school attendance is important to succeed in school; however, there are times when attendance is not healthy or even possible due to other circumstances. Listed below is information explaining the procedures for students that are absent from school.  Absences are classified as excused or unexcused.

When a student is absent from school:

Notes from parents/guardians explaining reasons for absences are required for every absence. Excuse notes must be submitted to the Attendance Office within two (2) days of the absence. The note must contain the full name of the student, the reason for the absence, date(s) of absence, parent/guardian’s signature, and phone number. Once the note is received the unverified absence will be changed accordingly. Parents/guardians do not need to call the attendance office for absence.

When a student arrives late to school:

Parents/guardians do not need to call the attendance office for a student arriving late to school. A note as listed above must accompany the student for any excused tardy. When a note is presented by the student, and signed by the parent, the parent does not need to accompany the student into the school. The parent must accompany the student if there is no written note received for the tardy to be excused.



New enrollee's who are interested in attending Huntington Park High School and are within our zone of choice area, can print out the zone of choice application, fill it out and bring it to the attendance office. This can be done Monday through Friday between the hours of  8:30AM AND 11:00AM.