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Clubs and Organizations

Club Sponsor Meeting Day(s) Meeting Time(s) Location
Find Your Korea Club Nguyen Mondays and Fridays Lunch Rm. 53
Familia Unida F. Diaz Tuesdays Lunch Rm. 54
Mathematical Science Gamino Tuesdays Lunch

Rm. 131

Youth Action Bonsteel Tuesdays Lunch Rm. 55
Mecha Moreno Tuesdays Lunch Rm. 37
Anime Club V. Lopez Wednesdays Lunch Rm. 132
Key Club Tiscareno Wednesdays Lunch Rm. 54
Gay Straight Alliance S. Jackson Wednesdays Lunch Rm. 82
Renaissance Art Club Vargas Thursdays Lunch Rm. 54
Anti-Bullying Club Sanchez Thursdays Lunch Rm. 38
Political Science Club Mahmoudi Thursdays Lunch Rm. 54
Drill Team S. Jackson Thursdays 3PM - 4PM Belgrave/Stockton Court
Animal Rights Club Pina Fridays Lunch Rm. 51
HPHS Book Club Ramirez-Gomez Alternate Fridays Lunch Rm. 54
Drama Club Kuppersmith Fridays Lunch Rm. 302
Glee Club Hirst Fridays 3PM - 4PM  Rm. 324/Rm. 25
Folklorico Tristani Select Saturdays 9 AM - 12 PM Auditorium