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Counseling Department

Ms. zepeda
Ms. Zepeda, Counselor
Class of 2025, 9TH GRADE COUNSELOR
  Dina Zepeda Counselor
Ms. Monterroza

Parent Conference

Zoom ID: 971 419 9442

Ms. Jung
Ms. Jung, Counselor
Class of 2023, 11th Grade Counselor
  Geeson Jung Counselor
Mr. Espinosa
Mr. Espinosa, 12th Grade Counselor
Class of 2022, 12th Grade Counselor
  Luis Espinosa Counselor

HOW do i get a high school diploma?


A sample of what your schedule SHOULD look like each year 


 English class
• Algebra 1
• Biology 
• PE
• Health
• Arts



• English class
• Geometry 
• Chemistry  
• World History 
• PE
• Elective

Credits: 50 


• English class
• Algebra 2
• Physics  
• US History 
• Language 
• Elective 

Credits: 105


• English class
• Econ/Gov.
• Math
• Science
• Language
• Elective                   

Credits: 160


Passing Grade Levels:

Students will need to earn the credits listed below in order to promote to the  indicated grade level: 
• 10th grade 50 credits 
• 11th grade 105 credits 
• 12th grade 160 credits 
• Eligible for a high school diploma 210 credits


College (A-G Requirements):

A college degree is still considered the best investment to help yourself. This fact has consistently been true. 

One of the biggest things to remember is that, while many high schools consider a D to be a passing grade for graduation, UC's and CSU's don't!  A-G courses must be passed with a C or better for a UC or CSU to count it.

Make sure you stay connected with Ms. Argueta our College Counselor 



If you want a high school diploma follow the picture chart on the left:

3yrs History 
4yrs English 
3yrs Math 
1yr Visual &vPerforming Arts
2yrs Language
2yrs Science:
          Biology and Physical
1yr College Prep class
1 semester Health 
2yrs PE 
25 Elective credits 
Total Credits: 210 

**AND complete Service Learning Project