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Request A Fundraiser

  1. Ensure you have an established trust with student store
  2. Complete the fundraiser request form  and submit to Leadership/Alcantar...please write your name & club on form
  3. Leadership sends to principal
  4. Principal sends to financial manager (Mr. Ramon Urrutia).
  5. Financial manager submits to CRD Financial Manager at the district

Check the Status

  1. Sign in as LAUSD Employee at:  LAUSD SCHOOL FUNDRAISING
  2. You will see a list of all HPHS fundraisers OR LAUSD fundraisers
  3. If you have all fundraisers in LAUSD, search for "HUNTNGTN PK SH" OR "1870001"


-Do not promote fundraisers until they have been approved.

-Club Sponsors / Coaches are responsible for fundraising. Unapproved fundraisers will be cancelled immediately and LAUSD policies will be followed to remedy the situation.  

-Deposit funds to the student store and obtain a receipt. 


Please feel free to see our financial manager, Mr. Urrutia, if you have any concerns.