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  Bertha Aguilar Art Teacher
  Daniel Alamo Social Studies Teacher
  Mayra Alcantar Math Teacher / Leadership Advisor
  Sindy Aleman Social Studies Teacher
  Juan Alfaro Sys Admin
  Juan Alfaro Assistant Principal
  Anthony Amparan Science Teacher
  Kelly Anthony Sys Admin
  Kelly Anthony Sys Admin
  Kelly Anthony (323) 826-2300 Music Teacher / Band Director
  Gladys Barbosa Magnet Resource Specialist
  Blanca Espinoza (323) 826-2300 Art Teacher
  Werner Bonilla Physical Education Teacher
  Louis Bonsteel IV (323) 826-2300 History/Social Science Teacher and Running Coach
  Louis Bonsteel HSS Department Chair/HSS Teacher
  Ariana Calderon (323) 487-9416 Resource Specialist Teacher
  Francis Carcamo Magnet/Title I Coordinator
  Frank Carcamo (323) 826-2315 ex: 2315 Magnet and Title I Coordinator
  Isidro Castillo Teacher
  Christina Clark Magnet English Teacher/Yearbook Advisor
  Salvador Contreras Science Teacher
  Roberto Correa (323) 826-2300 ex: 2315 Staff-Dean of students
  Jeannette Cortez Teacher
  Ms. Carrie de Ridder EnglishTeacher/Education Specialist
  Yesenia Enriquez Teacher
  Julia Espinoza Alternate Curriculum Teacher
  Kimberly Espinoza (626) 470-7973 Physical Education Teacher
  Eva Finlay Teacher
  Natalie Fraire Teacher
  Angel Gamino (323) 826-2300 Teacher
  Carlos Garibaldi Sys Admin
  Carlos Garibaldi Principal
  Adriana Gomez Mathematics Teacher
  Luis Gonzalez (Mr. G) (323) 484-6021 Social Studies Teacher
  Emir Gonzalez 21st Century Skills Teacher/Science Teacher
  Ramiro Gonzalez (323) 826-2300 Mathematics Teacher
  Melissa Gosian (213) 293-9405 Educational Specialist
  Daniel Jackson Teacher
  Sheveeta Jackson (323) 826-2300 Math Teacher/AVID Elective Teacher
  Saul Jimenez SPED Co-Teacher
  Shraddha Kapadia Teacher Librarian
  Shraddha Kapadia Librarian
  Adam Kuppersmith Teacher
  Saul Lankster US History, Economics, Law & Youth
  Freddy Lara Assistant Principal
  Freddy Lara (323) 826-2375 Assistant Principal
  Amanda Lombarski Assistant Principal
  School Loop Sys Admin
  Karina Maravilla A-G Counselor
  Angel Martinez Physics and AP Physics Teacher
  Joaquin Mendibles Teacher
  Yovani Miranda (323) 826-2300 Coordinator
  Erika Molina-Arevalo Math/Computer Science Teacher
  Anthony Morales Math Teacher
  Eduardo Morales Teacher (Graphic Design/ Animation)
  William Morales B & G Team
  Veronica Mosqueda Teacher
  Marisela Murillo (323) 826-2300 English Teacher
  Elizabeth Noriega Teacher
  Analine Orozco Staff
  Jose Pallares Teacher
  April Parker (323) 826-2300 Teacher
  April Parker English Teacher/Theatre Teacher
  Jaime Parra Teacher
  Cynthia Perez Teacher
  Nicole Perkins Physical Education Teacher
  Juan Pina Mathematics Teacher
  James Ponce DOTS Transition Teacher
  Rosa Quinones Teacher
  Cynthia Ramirez Sys Admin
  Cynthia Ramirez-Gomez Spanish Teacher and Department Chair
  Joe Reed Sys Admin
  Joe Reed Sys Admin
  Joe Reed Teacher
  Evelyn Rivas (213) 536-9708 Resource Specialist Teacher
  Eberardo Rodriguez Teacher
  Hannah Romias (626) 653-3923 Physics/APES Teacher/MESA Advisor
  Maria Rosales English Language Development (ELD) Teacher
  Alma Rueda Education Specialist
  Fabiola Salazar Teacher
  Cassie Sanchez Teacher
  Evangelina Sanchez English/Computer Science Teacher
  Herbert Sanchez (323) 826-2300 English Teacher/ Appreciator of Literature
  Roger Schuyler Construction Teacher
  Allan Stevens (213) 347-4767 ELA and German Teacher
  Nelson Ta Teacher
  Gerardo Tejeda Teacher
  Cynthia Tiscareno AP Biology, H.Bio, AVID 9 Teacher, Physics
  Angeles Tristani Teacher
  Julio Valencia Teacher
  Sonia Vasquez Teacher
  Anthony Vega Supervising Special Education Assistant
  Maria Velasco Teacher
  Veronica Viramontes Teacher/Math Coach
  Ruiqi Wang Mandarin Teacher
  Susan Woo Teacher
  Courtlandt Woods Education Specialist
  Raquel Zamora Teacher
  Beatriz Zavala Teacher

HPHS Principal - C. Garibaldi

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A little about me...


I am the son of immigrants. My grandfathers on both my mother and father's side were introduced to this country through the "Brasero Program". They eventually moved their families to the US in search of a better life. My father attended Compton HS and was drafted into the army to serve in Vietnam. My mother attended Roosevelt HS and grew up in Echo Park. 

I am the father of two daughters. One is in kindergarten and the other is starting high school. My wife and I are both educators and enjoy traveling with our family.

I started working in education in 1993 as a teacher assistant. I have worked as a teacher (Pre-K - Adult School), Coordinator, Assistant Principal (elementary-high school), District Coordinator, and Principal. My titles and positions may have changed throughout the years, but my commitment to improving learning conditions for our students has remained the same. 

Currently, HPHS offers a vast array of opportunities for students to learn and grow. STEAM Magnet, Culinary, MESA (engineering), Construction, Journalism, German, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Digital Media, Computer Programming, Robotics, Athletics, Visual & Performing Arts, Advanced Placement/Honors Classes, Academic Decathlon, Clubs, and Grammy Signature School Music are some of our school's signature programs. We can offer these programs because of the commitment of our teachers and staff members. 

PARENTS, you must create your Parent Portal account to be informed of your child's grades, attendance, and communication with teachers and staff. 

We look forward to working with you...ADELANTE!



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