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Educational Specialists

Ms. Gosian, Department CHair
Contact Melissa Gosian  Melissa Gosian Special Education Support Provider
Mrs. Bowler
Contact Deborah Bowler  Deborah Bowler Resource Specialist Teacher
Ms. Crockett
Contact Kelly Crockett  Kelly Crockett Inclusion Teacher
Mr. Diaz
Contact Guillermo Diaz  Guillermo Diaz Resource Specialist Teacher
Mr. Puentes
Contact Jose Puentes  Jose Puentes Resource Specialist Teacher
Ms. Shaw, Co-Department Chair
Contact Regina Shaw  Regina Shaw Resource Specialist Teacher
Mrs. Yau
Contact Richelle Yau  Richelle Yau Resource Specialist Teacher

Who we are:

At Huntington Park High School, our full-inclusion program is put into action through the collaboration of our co-teaching teams. Co-teaching empowers a team of educators (Learning Specialists and General Education Teachers) to carefully plan differentiated instruction that appeals to diverse learners. Through the use of various co-teaching models and accommodations, an inclusive environment is created. While every classroom of students carries their own unique personality, co-teaching teams work together throughout the year to plan based on specific needs. Consequently, our students are empowered to problem solve, ask questions, and thrive as they access the general education curriculum alongside their peers in the classroom.


Referred to as "experts" at the October 2018 Special Education 2.0: Access, Equity, Inclusion, and Outcomes Kickoff Meeting hosted at Dymally High School


sample coteaching anchor lesson


Parent Center Meetings

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Ms. Rodriguez, Co-Department Chair
Contact Janette Rodriguez  Janette Rodriguez Resource Specialist Teacher
Mr. Cervantes
Contact Benjamin Cervantes  Benjamin Cervantes Resource Specialist Teacher
Ms. De ridder
Contact Carrie De Ridder  Carrie De Ridder Resource Specialist Teacher
Mrs. Espinoza
Contact Julia Espinoza  Julia Espinoza Alternate Curriculum Teacher
Mr. Rodriguez
Ms. Thorpe
Contact Alexia Thorpe  Alexia Thorpe Resource Specialist Teacher