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Woodcraft Rangers


The CyberPatriot  Program, sponsored by the Air Force Association, requires programming skills and an understanding of computer systems. During the competition, students teams compete with each other to see who best can manage and protect computer systems from hackers and malicious software.

The program provides laptop computers to each team  organized by a TAC school to compete in the national CyberPatriot competition program.

The program also provides experienced coaches for each team organized by and TAC school.

Our team is the top 3% in the country.


The Tobacco Use Program (TUPE) Grant Program supports a student-led anti-tobacco campaign at our school. The goal of the program is to implement tobacco use prevention, intervention, and cessation activities. Besides teaching students the skills they need to become tobacco free, this program is to implement youth development strategies that promote resiliency, leadership and community involvement among the youth to create the next generation of tobacco free advocates.