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Mr. Amparan
Anthony Amparan

Welcome to Chemistry and Physics!

     Welcome to my class! I graduated from CSULB with a degree in Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology with a minor in Chemistry. I grew up reading classic Sci-fi and fantasy books which probably led me to love science and try to understand the world around me. My goal with this subject is to create a more hands on approach to dispel the "i'm not a science person" idea that so many have growing up. It's a different way to view the world and hopefully I can help shed light on that!



Class Demo
Student Voice

"His way of teaching is great... he's always pushing me to try harder" - Gaby 

"You never gave up on me ... steering me to get back on  topic" - Brianna

"I don't know" - Chris 

"He buys good snacks" - Dana