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S.T.E.A.M. Magnet

  Frank Carcamo (323) 826-2315 ex: 2315 Magnet and Title I Coordinator
Magnet Coordinators Image

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  Tongya Jia Mandarin Teacher
  Evangelina Sanchez English/Computer Science Teacher
  Erika Molina-Arevalo Math/Computer Science Teacher
  Luis Gonzalez (Mr. G) (323) 484-6021 Social Studies Teacher
Clare Wernet
August September Newsletter

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HPHS STEAM Magnet Expectations

Magnet Mission & Vision
Engineering Pathway
Computer Science Pathway

COme to HP STEAM Magnet

  Hannah Romias (626) 653-3923 Physics/APES Teacher/MESA Advisor
  Christina Clark Magnet English Teacher/Yearbook Advisor
  Ramiro Gonzalez (323) 826-2300 Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Emir Gonzalez
  Emir Gonzalez 21st Century Skills Teacher/Science Teacher
New Teacher